IberCup Team Tours - Team Soccer Trips to Spain and Portugal

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Iber Cup


IberCup is currently one of the most important international youth soccer tournaments in the world. More than 8,000 players, coaches and family from over 60 countries participate every year. Select from one two exciting and beautiful locations: Costa del Sol, Spain (July 9th–July 13th, 2019) and Estoril Coast, Portugal (July 1st–July 6th, 2019) in Barcelona, Spain. Past teams have included Liverpool FC, Ajax, Bayer Leverkusen, Espanyol Barcelona, Juventas and many more.

IberCup Age Classes

The following player age groups are invited to participate in this year’s tournament:

Ibercup Boys and Girls 11v11:

Ibercup G18 – girls born on or after 1/1/0.
Ibercup B16/G16 – boys and girls born on or after 1/1/02.
Ibercup B15/G15 – boys and girls born on or after 1/1/03.
Ibercup B14/G14 – boys and girls born on or after 1/1/04.
Ibercup B13/G13 – boys and girls born on or after 1/1/05.

Ibercup Boys  7v7:
Ibercup B12 – boys born on or after 1/1/06.
Ibercup B11 – boys born on or after 1/1/07.
Ibercup B10 – boys born on or after 1/1/08.
Ibercup B09 – boys born on or after 1/1/09.

Ibercup Tours - Experience Costa del Sol, Spain

IberCup takes place on the Costa del Sol of Spain near the capital Malaga City. Experience the beautiful landscapes, taste delicious food and experience the warmth of people. Fun activities include visits famous Barcelona sites like the Sagrada Familia, Parque Güel and Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona.

IberCup Experience: Estoril Coast, Portugal

Proximity to the sea allows everyone to enjoy the beautiful beaches all along the Estoril Coast. Just 20 kilometers from Lisbon and the international airport. While you’re experiencing the IberCup you can enjoy the football matches and the beautiful beaches along the coast of Estoril. Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest and most interesting capitals with everything including in terms of environment, commerce, entertainment and culture.