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Barcelona Summer Cup - July 1st-5th, 2019

The Barcelona Summer Cup is the most celebrated international youth tournament in Spain and one of the most prestigious in Europe. Established in 1997, this year’s tournament will take place on July 1-5, 2019. Participating teams will experience top international competition at the world famous facilities of the Fútbol Club Barcelona and the sports city of the Real Club Deportivo Español. They will meet players from all over the world and enjoy the exciting culture of this beautiful area.

Age Classes

The following player age groups are invited to participate in this year’s tournament:

Girls 11v11:
G02/03 – Girls born on or after 1/1/02-03
G04/05 – Girls born on or after 1/1/04-05

Boys 11v11:
B02 – Boys born on or after 1/1/02
B03 – Boys born on or after 1/1/04
B04 – Boys born on or after 1/1/04
B05 – Boys born on or after 1/1/05

Boys 7v7:
B06 – Boys born on or after 1/1/06
B07 – Boys born on or after 1/1/07


Experience Barcelona

Barcelona is an open, warm, dynamic and diverse Mediterranean city. Enjoy a perfect combination of football and relaxation with tours of the city and Camp Nou stadium,  along with adrenaline-fueled rides at the Port Aventura theme park. And you definitely don’t want to miss first-rate beaches that stretch for miles along the coast!