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About Our Soccer Trips to Australia

Football means a lot of things in Australia, and soccer is gaining momentum as a growing sport Down Under. With a vast majority of the country living on the golden, eastern coastline, modern recreational life in Australia centers in and around the water – surfing, diving, boating, and swimming. Maybe this is why Australia consistently ranks high globally in terms of health, happiness, opportunity, and overall quality of life. From the cosmopolitan city of Sydney to the under-explored and vast wilds of the renowned Outback, Australia is welcoming country that invites the world to share it vibrant beauty and friendly spirit.


Australia Sydney Boys Soccer Match
Iconic landmarks, recreational opportunities galore, and a forward-thinking mindset just about every where, this is a city that understands what it means to be a host to those who have come a long way. The A-League has been home to top flight soccer since 2004. It many ways, the league mirrors Major League Soccer in terms of quality and organization, and specifically with regard to not exercising relegation or promotion.

Sights to see in Sydney:

  • Sydney Harbor
  • Bondi Beach
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • Sydney Aquarium
  • Sydney Opera House

“I believe in the opportunities to play international matches. The technical and tactical approaches are quite different than USA and we can take many pages out of their books”
– Aliceann Wilber, Head Coach, William Smith College Women’s Soccer

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WorldStrides Sports Catalog
WorldStrides Sports Catalog
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