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Who are you and what do you do at WorldStrides?
Nikiah Dulac, Account Executive. I generate new business and manage existing business for clubs, private high schools, and NCAA markets throughout New England.

How long have you worked with WorldStrides?
I’ve been with WorldStrides for 4 1/2 years. For 4 years, I was in a similar role with our Higher Education Custom Programs division and have now been with our Sports division for just over 4 months!

WorldStrides goes to so many destinations, but what has been your favorite destination that you have visited while working for WorldStrides?
New Zealand and Australia

What are the top three things you did while you were there?
Visited The University of New South Wales and the U.S. Consulate in Sydney
Attend a musical as well as a famous ballet show at the Sydney Opera House
Walked on Bondi Beach and took too many photos!

What’s the number one thing you would tell somebody to NOT miss if they visit New Zealand or Australia?
See a show at the Sydney Opera House or make the trip to Akaroa and take a charter around the harbor to see the ‘Hector’s Dolphin,’ the smallest dolphin in the world

Do you know any weird or strange facts about New Zealand or Australia?
New Zealand won the first ever Rugby World Cup in 1987.

What was your favorite food or drink you tried while there?
By far, the fresh kiwi fruit varieties. We met with the staff and had a behind-the-scenes tour of Trevelyans Kiwi Farm in New Zealand. The kiwi fruit is delicious!

Did you buy a souvenir and if so, what was it?
A few things but two stand out from New Zealand: a koozie of the All Blacks rugby team with the “Haka” chant printed on it, and a “Whakairo” wood carving hand-carved by the Maori people.

If you could pick your next trip, where would you go?
This isn’t as easy to answer as I thought! Depending on the season, I really want to visit The Faroe Islands in Denmark, Croatia, Banff, and the Patagonia regions in Chile or Argentina.

What’s the best travel tip you could pass along to future travelers?
If you wear contacts, always travel with at least 2 sets of back-up pairs just in case.