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As WorldStrides Sports expands to deliver more international travel opportunities to college and university teams across North America, finding the right people who can bring their experience and perspective to share with coaches and student athletes is job number one.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Grey Giovanine has joined us to do just that.

Following his retirement as Head Coach, Men’s Basketball at Augustana College, Grey will put his enviable NCAA career to good use as he takes his passion for the game (quite literally) farther than ever before, by building programs abroad with WorldStrides Sports.

Of course, Grey is no stranger to the impact of seeing more of the world through the eyes of sports.

A cornerstone of our program’s success has been the international travel and competition experience. It was key to recruiting, retention, player and team development. Our alumni always share that it was a highlight of their athletic experience.  I couldn’t be more excited to be working with WorldStrides Sports, the industry leader in providing competitive international opportunities for coaches and their teams.”
Grey Giovanine

“On paper, Grey’s career is about as intimidating as I’ve ever seen. In person, ‘intimidating’ isn’t a word I’d use to describe him (what a relief!) – and I firmly believe that that’s been one of the keys to his success. What’s more, he knows, deep down, what basketball has given him, where basketball has taken him, and that’s exactly the kind of message we can’t share enough with coaches and players alike. Sports are more than a way of life – it’s a window to the world. And I love what Grey sees through that window.”

Eric McAleer, Senior Vice President, WorldStrides Sports

About Grey Giovanine
NCAA basketball coach for 39 years
514 career wins as a Head Coach
20 consecutive winning seasons and the most NCAA tournament wins in the last five seasons of any NCAA basketball coach at any level
Head-Coach, Men’s Basketball, Lamar University 1993-1999
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball, Augustana College 1999-2020
3-time Division III National Coach of the Year
Leader of 10 international tours to Europe, Asia, and South America

Welcome, Grey! We can’t wait to hit the courts all over the world together!