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WorldStrides Sports is pleased to announce our industry-leading soccer tours are now available to Australian clubs.

Bookings have begun for travel as soon as December 2021 and January 2022.

And it a great soccer window to be in Europe, too. The holidays will be in full swing, and there are more professional matches to attend, especially in the UK around Boxing Day.

Given the distance to destinations soccer hot spots in Europe, programs originating from Australia will expand to cover a 14-day itinerary.

“What excites me most about adding our programs to our already robust portfolio of soccer tours is the fact that our Australian players will get to spend more time in Europe – that means more training sessions and more friendlies compared to teams coming from North America. It also means more time to experience a new country and a different culture, plus all of the upsides from exposure to the sheer magnitude and reach of the global game,” says Eric McAleer, SVP of WorldStrides Sports.

Dan Kellard, SVP and GM, WorldStrides Australia, is equally excited about the addition of soccer programs to student-athletes on the continent.

“As Australia’s leader in educational and snow sports travel, we’re always striving to deliver more for our travellers. The global WorldStrides family includes a team of experienced soccer experts, and we have the unique opportunity to share their knowledge, expertise, and partnerships to deliver best-in-class soccer programs for Australian players, spectators and their families. We’re passionate about soccer, often getting up in the middle of the night to watch top European teams in action. On my last short trip to London I was able to attend Premier League and Championship games within a few days of each other, and I’m excited to share similar opportunities with soccer fans all across Australia.”

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