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It’s hard to duplicate the feeling of walking into a big time stadium or club museum, but these virtual tours will inspire you to discover what’s waiting to be explored from home.

Even better than the real thing? Not quite. But these days, getting as close as you can is as good as it gets, and that just might be enough for now. What’s more, a few of the links below might even inspire you to dig a little deeper on your own to discover what else is out there for exploring.

Virtual Tours
Warning: actually walking into a big time stadium or club museum simply cannot be duplicated virtually. Having said that, here are a few examples of what’s out there. Give them a go – maybe you’ll be inspired to see how close you can get to your favorite club’s stadium/museum/store experience.

Virtual Tour – Allianz Stadium

Johan Cruijff Arena

FC Bayern Musuem Virtual Tour

Use these starter ideas for background noise while taking a walk, cooking dinner, getting some work done – it’s up to you. You might be surprised (or not!) at how much you missed regular sounds. Plus, dialing in to the right kind of noise can improve your creativity and mental health.

Missing the sound of a stadium? Here’s 10 hours of stadium noise.

What about listening to quiet? Here’s over an hour of library audio.

Missing the calm, soothing sounds of London rain. No problem – here’s 8 hours of it.

Get in to the driver’s seat
Sit back and enjoy the ride, let your claustrophobia take control, or simply marvel at the difficulty of steering a vehicle at top speeds! These first-person points of view are pretty incredible, however it makes you feel.

An entire NASCAR race

A Formula 1 test drive  

Enjoy, and have fun finding what else is out there!