Peru Soccer Tours

EXCEL SPORTS-Peru-Lima-Soccer Stadium

Peru is a melting pot that has created a variety of expressions in art, literature, and music. It was home to two of the great ancient civilizations, and while it now boasts the modern urban centers of Lima and Cusco, in many of the small villages the old ways have been preserved and are respected throughout the country. A trip to Peru is more than a visit; for many, the experience is life-changing.

Brazil Soccer Tours

Brazil soccer tours - Christ the Redeemer

Soccer means everything to Brazil, making it an ideal destination for any team that wants to get a taste of just what the sport means to this country. Brazil has won the most FIFA World Cups (5), been the only country to qualify for every FIFA World Cup tournament, and produced, almost without argument, the greatest and most impactful player of all time, Pelé. With a style all it’s own, Brazilian soccer is a delight to watch, always pushing the boundaries for what’s possible to do on a field with 11 players and a ball.

Argentina Soccer Tours

La Bombonera soccer stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina comes in as the second most popular soccer country in South America, but can claim two of the all-time greatest to ever play the game. Buenos Aires alone has 19 different soccer stadiums – and maybe that’s all you need to know about how deep the feelings run for soccer here. Boca Juniors’ stadium and River Plate’s stadium are just a few of the many popular stadiums throughout the country. Visiting the football clubs of Argentina can provide an interesting experience and up-close look at the culture of soccer throughout the country and the importance that it holds to the residents of Argentina.